Diary: Chevrolet ad website is gatecrashed by greens

When the car manufacturer Chevrolet launched its "Apprentice" promotion - a website where users can create their own 30-second ad for its Tahoe Sports Utility Vehicle - its ingenuity and innovation in enticing consumers into interacting with the brand was repaid with a barrage of bile and hatred from a group of environmental activists.

Any interested parties can visit www.chevyapprentice.com, where a selection of video clips and music scores can be put together to make a professional-looking ad. The pieces of advertising brilliance are then posted up on the site for everyone to see.

However, some clever activists realised they could also insert their own words on top of the ads and took great advantage of this.

As well as pointing out the Tahoe's fuel consumption of just 15 miles to the gallon, and the huge carbon dioxide emissions it is responsible for, the cheeky chappies also left voiceovers saying things such as "larger than any normal mortal needs" and "lets you drive like a complete jerk because you're the only one on the whole goddamned planet".

Looking on the bright side, however, at least Chevy's direct marketing agency can now remove these impertinent rapscallions from their mailing lists.

Some of the spoof ads are available to view on www.alaskaaction. net/tahoe.