Diary: CHI keeps its freelance boys out of COI's sight

Cast your minds back three years to a simpler, more honest time, when the thought of entering a ringer into an advertising awards scheme would have filled all right-thinking creatives with shuddering fear and loathing.

Imagine, then, the furore that Paul Belford and Nigel Roberts caused when their doctored UK Online paedophile awareness campaign was entered into the Campaign Press Awards, only to be spotted and flagged up to the jury chairman, John Hegarty, by Peter Buchanan, COI Communications' deputy chief executive.

To say that relations between the client and creatives were icy as a result is to describe Hurricane Katrina as a bit of a shower, and a contrite Belford and Roberts were forced into writing a letter of apology to each member of the jury, promising they would never do it again.

Lucky, then, that Buchanan did not spot the intrepid duo's latest move, a freelance gig at Clemmow Hornby Inge. Who knows whether the agency would have successfully made it on to the COI creative roster if its new employees were thrown into the equation.

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