Diary: Chris Satterthwaite gets all abuzz in Country Life

Ever wondered why Chime Communications is such a hive of activity? It could be Chris Satterthwaite's obsession with bombology.

No need to reach for the Oxford Concise or run for cover. The chief executive isn't fixated with explosive devices. Bombology is the study of bumblebees.

Satterthwaite got all abuzz with his subject while a pupil at Ampleforth, he explains in the latest edition of Country Life. "Most of my time is spent in PR and advertising so sticking my head in a hedge is a good diversion - sometimes I'd like to leave it there."

Well, the next time Satterthwaite turns up for work looking like he's just been dragged through a hedge backwards, at least everybody will know why.

Apparently, there are 25 different types of bumblebee in Britain, the most common being Bombus lapidarius. But Satterthwaite's favourite is Bombus pascuorum, which is "hairier and even busier than the others, very absorbed in what it is doing".

A bit like you, then, Chris.