DIARY: Christian Aid gets Neil Christie in right mood for musical romance

"Just click on the attachment and let the creamy tones of my funky love thang spread the juices of lurve around the office.

While this sounds like a dodgy invitation from a naughty website, it's actually an e-mail extract from Partners BDDH's marketing director, Neil Christie, to agency staffer Charlotte Barker.

Yes, the amorous Christie has gone to great pains to show Barker his, ahem, love by recording a "soulful

medley for his muse. Clearly reckoning he's on a par with other top Scottish musical exports such as, er, The Proclaimers, Christie doesn't hold back, belting his way through a heart-rending - and ear-splitting - mix of murdered classics, complete with Barry White-style voiceover to I will always love you. We particularly like the admirable falsetto that comes to an orgasmic crescendo; but don't just take our word for it - his gutsy medley has been cheekily posted on www.partnersbddh.co.uk for your delectation.

Just click on the news button and look for the "Love Bunny

link. Christie's aural pleasuring was all in aid of Christian Aid week, and was recorded for the lucky lady at his home studio. And, readers, Partners' very own Engelbert seems to have won Barker's heart; "She's in love, apparently,

a rather bemused agency source whispers, in hushed tones.

Another staffer, Danny Conyngham, faced with a post trolley dressed up as a "just married

car, and was forced to sit through a disturbing film of his admirer's friend discussing her obsession.

Hormones were racing all over town, with certain Publicis staffers also in amorous mood for Nabs week. The agency's new chief strategic officer, Derek Morris, probably wondered what he'd let himself in for when he discovered he'd been "wooed

by the highly unsexy sight of his suitor's crime site-style body etching on his office floor. "I am dying to kiss you,

begged the accompanying note, which elicited a horrified response of "mysterious homicidal maniac

from Morris - so perhaps not the desired effect. Oh well, better luck next time.