Diary: Churchill dog's expletive appears somewhat apt

We're not the only ones tiring of the Churchill dog's "Oh, yes," catchphrase. The nodding mutt himself appears to have become so bored of trotting out the same old line he's tacked the word "fuck" on to the end of it.

The latest Churchill ad, created by WCRS, has caused a stir with viewers who claim the bulldog utters the expletive after his catchphrase as he and some human friends head-bang in a car to the Whitesnake classic Here I Go Again (the ad is, dare we say it, a nod to a certain scene from Wayne's World).

When you think about it "Oh yes ... fuck" is an oddly appropriate tagline for an insurance company, as it's probably the first three words that pop into anyone's mind when they realise they have to shell out on a policy.