Diary: Which classic ad had you in stitches?

With Christmas fast approaching, Diary thinks everybody could do with a variation on credit-crunch humour (What's the capital of Iceland? £3.50). So we're going to be rounding off the year with a search to find the funniest ad ever made.

This, of course, is likely to produce as much consensus as a cross-table discussion between Sir Martin Sorrell and Maurice Levy. However, we thought we'd present a selection of those we reckon might make the winners' podium and invite your views.

First up is HHCL's "St George" spot for Blackcurrant Tango. We all remember Ray Gardner, the Blackcurrant Tango sales executive so aghast that a French student doesn't enjoy the drink that he strips off and challenges Sebastian to a boxing match on the White Cliffs of Dover.

And when it comes to ludicrous, how about a grizzly bear and a fisherman in a kung fu fight over a salmon? An uproarious Leo Burnett film for John West that's still funny eight years on.

Finally, we bring on the celebs for your consideration. There's Peter Kay bombing off a diving board in DDB London's famous spot for John Smith's. Or what about Gregor Fisher struggling to get his straggly haired head in a passport photo? A classic Collett Dickenson Pearce creation for Hamlet.

- To view the ads and vote for your favourite, visit www.brandrepublic.com/campaign/funnies.