Diary: Are client considerations keeping Crouch quiet?

Agencies are famously outspoken when an ad pops up that bears even a passing resemblance to one of their creations. They bleat, they moan and they do their damnedest to get awards juries to strike offending ads from shortlists.

So what is keeping the Nitro executive creative director Bruce Crouch's lips sealed when it comes to Wieden & Kennedy Portland's new spot starring the tennis player Maria Sharapova and its similarity to one of his own, a spot for Oxy that aired in March this year?

W&K's "pretty" spot, directed by Stink's Ivan Zacharias, features Sharapova walking through New York while members of the public sing the song I Feel Pretty from West Side Story.

Compare it with Nitro's zit-cream ad, which was directed by Moxie Pictures' James Griffiths. That film features a string of teenagers going about their teenage business singing, er, the song I Feel Pretty from, er, West Side Story.

They are dead ringers for each other, although Diary is betting that Crouch's silence on the matter has something to do with the fact that W&K's ad is for Nike, a Nitro client. Looks like Crouch has found himself caught between a rock and a hard place.