DIARY: Clio flaunts its Va Va Voom in the Publicis publicity peep show

Tourists passing by Publicis' office on Baker Street recently may

well have checked their A to Zs in confusion, and thought that they'd

unwittingly wandered into seedy Soho, after the emergence of a rather

unlikely spectacle.

For two pink and suitably anonymous doors stood under a brazen "Peep

Show" sign, proclaiming their titillating wares to all the

self-respecting passers-by. Tsk, what would Mary Whitehouse say?

However, any hot and horny individuals approaching the window with a

quickening heart to press their noses up against one of the peep holes

were guaranteed to have the fires of ardour heating their loins

extinguished quick sharp.

For what should be revealed behind the facade but an eyeful, not of the

forbidden fruit, but the new Renault Clio V6, in all its Va Va Voom


"It's a red hot hatch, the last word in auto-eroticism. If it had a

booty, it would undoubtedly shake it," Gerry Moira, the executive

creative director of Publicis, enthused.

Still, unlike most Soho peep shows, at least this "thrill" was free.