DIARY: Coleman's in a pickle after number blunder

Question: if you're the founder of one of the hottest agency start-ups of the millennium and are on first-name terms with the creme of advertising's glitterati, why would your mobile be trilling with calls from jobless northerners?

Answer: a) either you're trying to cosy up to northern consumers in preparation for a Morrisons pitch or (b) your phone number appears as the contact in a job ad in the Sheffield Star.

If your final answer was (b) then you can join Diary in laughing at the expense of Adrian Coleman, a founder of Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest, for such a fate was his. Somehow, Coleman's mobile number was printed in an ad for the manager of a daycare centre in Sheffield and he was swamped with calls from job-seekers. Sources suggest he took about 40 calls before agreeing to chair the selection panel.