Diary: Coleridge novel is tipped to shine by ... Conde Nast

Not content with running an uber-glossy publishing company and commenting on everything media, including regular appearances in this esteemed organ, the Conde Nast managing director, Nicholas Coleridge, still finds time to churn out the odd novel.

So it was with much pleasure that Diary noted Coleridge's latest attempt, A Much Married Man, got critics raving.

The tale of a chinless aristocrat's sex life gives the reader a humorous insight into a man who happens to be quite privileged, has a lot of affairs and ... er, not much else.

If you still need convincing this tome is going to be the summer's must-read book, Diary has pulled together a few totally fair and completely unbiased comments from a number of well-respected Conde Nast titles. The critiques all share a running theme: none of them feature any criticism.

Vanity Fair dedicates a regal purple box-out to the book. However, the words aren't so much a review as a summary of the labyrinthine plot, with comments such as "what more does one need in a spring-season book?" and "much style and wit" thrown in as analysis.

A "wickedly funny Jilly Cooper-esque tale of naughtiness among the upper classes" is how Glamour describes the novel, concluding that it is "great fun in the best blockbuster sense - a must for the beach this summer".