Diary: Connecting people's not easy, even on Blind Date

Diary had just buried Jonathan Durden's Big Brother appearance into the Campaign archives when it unearthed another TV treasure.

This time it involved a high- profile marketing director, the hit TV show Blind Date, the newly appointed Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, and his now wife.

Picture the scene. It's the early 90s. Burnham and his then girlfriend, Marie-France van Heel, aka Frankie, are studying at Cambridge University, while the Blind Date team are holding auditions.

The open-minded Burnham allows his other half to audition for the show, and it isn't long before Frankie finds herself behind the screen with Cilla interrogating three gentlemen on the other side.

The first of the young bucks, "Will from Surrey" (now known as Will Harris, the UK marketing director for Nokia), responds to one of her questions with a poem: "Oh Frankie, oh Frankie, your name is quite cranky, pick me for your blind date and there'll be no hanky-panky."

Although the magic worked and Frankie picked Will for a date in Gibraltar, true love eventually won the day, with Frankie marrying and having four kids with Burnham.