DIARY: Connolly makes time to warn agencies that he's really, really busy

Know anyone who has been down to visit David Connolly at Ofcom's shiny new South Bank headquarters yet? No? We thought as much.

With all systems go for the annual TV trading round, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive with speculation as to which broadcast director will be the first to cry foul with ITV and run telling tales to teacher.

A ring-round suggests that, for the time being at least, they're all being big, brave boys and are not letting those nasty, rotten ITV sales bullies lay a single punch on them (unless, of course, all the bullies have been expelled as part of the recent clearout).

But despite this apparent peace and calm, Connolly, the omnipotent and impressively titled "TV adjudicator", insists that he is, in fact, a very busy man.

Woe betide anyone who says differently. Connolly has managed to find time in his packed diary to ring up those agencies who have said that he's set for a very pleasant and relaxing few months, and set them right.

But with agencies insisting that TV trading is going swimmingly and Connolly saying that he is really busy, honest, we can only speculate as to what he is up to.

With a job title as omniscient as his, perhaps he's flexing his cane and practising his strokes in his study in preparation for a parade of naughty boys sent to see him.

With this in mind, as any schoolboy will tell you, if you do get summoned it might be advisable to stick some padding down the back of your trousers just in case. A copy of the Communications Act should do the trick.