Diary: Cool brands will go cold after appearing in book

If The Fonz was an adman today, he'd slide off the side of his jukebox at the sight of some of the brands packaged together in CoolBrands. Featured in the tome are brands so funky and hip even your grandmother will have heard of them.

In: Dr Martens, Pringles, Filofax, The Times and Douwe Egberts.

Out: any grasp that the world of marketing communications has moved on so dramatically that promoting a hierarchical view of brands is just not cool. Worse - the brands in the book have actually paid to be there.

In fact, coolness is so fragile these days that once you've labelled something "cool" out loud, you've instantly dented its credibility.

To be fair, there are some "cool" brands in the book, and it's a rather nice-looking thing to stick on the boardroom table. But if you're really wondering what's hot with non-suit-wearing "cool" urban types, you stand a much better chance of getting down with the kids by reading something such as Vice. Although, by endorsing that particular brand, maybe Diary just made it instantly un-cool, too! Bugger.