DIARY: Copy chief fails to stop AMV Sainsbury howler

Seems like you can barely walk down Marylebone Road these days without hearing the sound of clangers being dropped at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

First Cilla Snowball, the chief executive, was forced to apologise over the use of the word "pester" in an agency brief for a children's snack. Now there's been another howler.

An ad appeared in the weekend broadsheets for AMV's Sainsbury's client.

"What compliments (sic) our smooth Stilton the most?" the ad asked. "Biscuits, grapes or the fact it's award-winning?"

On appointing AMV's first head of copy last year to improve the writing of his junior teams, Peter Souter, the executive creative director, lamented the fact that although he was being presented with good ideas "the ads aren't necessarily written as well as I would have liked". No change there, then.