Diary: Cough up if you want to know AdLand Suit's ID

There are a multitude of blogs written about advertising these days. Some of them contain opinions so "controversial" that they are penned by alter egos designed to mask the writer's true identity.

One of these is the popular AdLand Suit (http://adlandsuit.blogspot.com). But the author of such gems as "how TUPE fucks everyone" and "how to lose a pitch" has now pledged to put his previously jealously guarded identity out in the open for charity.

But will anyone care? Although Mr Suit is a prolific Twitterer, he has only been blogging since March, and to be honest, he doesn't seem to rate the price of his own anonymity as highly as he might.

If he manages to raise the paltry sum of £1,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care through www.justgiving.com/who isadlandsuit, then he has not only promised to reveal his true self but will take the biggest donor to one of adland's famous eateries for a slap-up lunch. Come on you suits, cough up.