Diary: Councils cancel out the flyposting promotions

Ah, those accursed flyposters. Fines? They laugh at the puny amounts levied on them by the local beaks. Asbos? Not even they can stop the scourge of the illegal paste-brush wielders.

Now council officials in Watford have come up with a new wheeze to keep the flyposting menace at bay by playing the miscreants at their own game.

Most of the flyposting activity in the Hertfordshire town is by music promoters advertising pop concerts. So the council has come up with a simple method of retaliation, which avoids all the bother of identifying the offenders and slapping a summons on them.

From now on, flyposters for concerts will be covered with stickers announcing that the events have been cancelled.

Dorothy Thornhill, the mayor of Watford, claims that for many of the town's flyposters, the show is most definitely over. "The cancelled stickers will make flyposting a pointless and counterproductive exercise for offenders," she says.

And if that doesn't do the trick? The council plans to name and shame persistent offenders in local newspapers. You've been warned.

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