Diary: Country Living attracts avian aid from adland

While Doug Flynn is off to kill a few animals, it seems the rest of adland is intent on protecting our furry or feathered friends from this.

Take Country Living magazine - to celebrate its 20 aniversary, the magazine is eschewing Champagne and fireworks and is instead focusing on finding homes for all those little birds you find hanging around on street corners.

Now you might think that birds and nests go together as effortlessly as admen and The Ivy, but you'd be wrong. Apparently, birds need a bit of help on the domestic front and, as part of its 20 pledges to save Britian's countryside, Country Living is encouraging advertisers and agencies to put up bird boxes.

Several big-hearted advertisers have already agreed to take part, including Procter & Gamble, The Wireless Group, Estee Lauder and Marks & Spencer.

Not to be outdone, media agencies are displaying their softer side, with Walker Media, MediaCom, MindShare and Initiative Media among those going nest crazy this month.

All of which will help explain those outsized owls and squirrels you'll soon be seeing delivering bird box-shaped packages to an agency near you.

Who said advertising was a dog-eat-dog world?