DIARY: Some crave Monkey, while others indulge in monkey business

What people will do for a bit of grey knitted fabric. The world and

his dog are queuing up to get hold of ITV Digital's primate, Monkey.

Much to the chagrin of his sidekick Johnny Vegas, who's finding that

spectators at his Edinburgh Festival gigs are more interested in

heckling him with "Where's your Monkey?" than listening to his material.

He probably wouldn't mind - if he hadn't been stopped by Customs

recently and asked if he'd got a monkey in his suitcase, that is. Yes,

we kid you not.

In fact, ITV Digital is now getting a whopping 100 calls a day asking

how they can get their hands on the furry little fellow. We hear that

one old granny, upon being rebuffed, demanded the knitting pattern so

she could make her own. And not even important admen can jump the


Just ask Trevor Beattie, who we hear is very keen to get his mitts on


We hear that Beattie has called the maker, Hensons, who sadly couldn't

comply. Not one to give up easily, an e-mail then went around the agency

asking if anyone had a spare Monkey.

But, mysteriously, Campaign's office has received a little homage to

TBWA's chairman. And they do say imitation is the highest form of