Diary: Credit-crunched adland pitches its tent in Cannes

Generally, when people think of Cannes, they think of huge hotels, sensational yachts, debauched parties and the best of living - not sleeping on the grass, cooking baked beans over a gas stove and pissing in a bucket.

But, given that everyone is knee-deep in the recession, that's exactly what the team at LBi have decided to do. Camping at Cannes. In a tent complete with LBi branding. So far, so Carry On Camping.

To put even more "camp" in their "camping", Luke Taylor (pictured), the chief executive, will spend one evening wearing nothing but a thong.

Why? Diary's not particularly sure, but for those wishing to keep up with their adventures in the great outdoors, the agency will be Twittering from the campsite.

And it's not just LBi that's doing Cannes on a shoestring (or should it be g-string?).

The creative department at DDB is going out in force to the French Riviera, but instead of paying for it out of the DDB purse, the poor old creatives are stumping up the cash for the jaunt themselves, with the promise that if they win a Lion, they can have the cash reimbursed.

As a result, the choice of accommodation is entirely up to them - so are they the gambling type?

While the less optimistic among them will probably opt for sleeping under the stars, for the more cocky creatives there's always the option of taking a punt on a few nights at The Majestic - just don't go crying to Jeremy Craigen when it all goes horribly wrong.