DIARY: Crew strips for action to avert cold war with Russian hippy camp

While some creatives see a commercial shoot as just the ticket for

a free holiday, there are other plucky tykes who are prepared to do

whatever it takes to get the right shots in the can.

Witness Nick Thompson and Dan Hume, from Grey, whose recent shoot for

their client, Findus, required an idyllic, deserted location. Simple

enough, thought the director, Shona Auerbach, at Bliss Films, as well

she might. But little did she know.

The Spanish beach chosen, the crew duly arrived on the day of the shoot

only to find that the said idyll had just been colonised by a bunch of

naked Russian hippies - living in a village of teepees.

Suspicious of this Soho onslaught, it looked like mayhem could ensue

after the quirky settlers threatened to obstruct every shot on the

storyboard. But - presto! - the resourceful location manager rallied to

the call of duty by spending the night with his new-found hippie chums

and a well-stuffed "peace pipe" to oil negotiations. By sunrise, the new

residents had agreed to move their wigwams - in return for the film crew

shedding their kecks in respect of the community's strict rule of


With no other option, the boys got into the buff. Not exactly kicking

and screaming, though. "I didn't mind," the art director Nick Thompson

says breezily. "I figured that as long as the majority of the crew was

behind us I didn't mind showing my arse off ... but I don't want people

looking full-frontal," he added hastily, belatedly discovering his


Fortunately the rising sun warmed the air rapidly - otherwise the Findus

product might not have been the only frozen vegetables on display.