Diary: Crumbs ... toast turmoil still terrorising adland

Following news earlier this month of an evacuation at M&C Saatchi after a toast-related mishap, word reaches Diary of more browned-bread-induced chaos over at Golden Square, but this time at WCRS.

Picture the scene. As a droopy-eyed creative fixes himself some morning toast, Robin Wight is chairing a creds presentation to potential clients with some of WCRS's management frontline.

Suddenly, the fire alarm starts blaring. Mass panic ensues as 200 staff and clients are told to evacuate the building. Wight, in a desperate bid to make light of the situation to his prospects, chirps: "I knew we were a hotshop, but I didn't think we were that hot." Oh dear. Desperate times indeed.

However, once order is restored, a slightly snotty e-mail goes out to all staff, warning the owner of the offending toaster to take it home that night or face losing it to building services (because toast is available in the wine bar and shouldn't be cooked in the office).

It seems that agencies need to follow the lead of Euro RSCG's Mark Cadman, who achieved notoriety at JWT by abolishing all toast in the agency - and earning himself the nickname of Toast Nazi in the process.