Diary: Cullingham has secret advertising talent pool

Rory Sutherland's Essay on creative recruitment (Campaign, 14 January) has sparked a lot of debate - just see letters on page 24. Here, Tony Cullingham, the advertising course director at West Herts College, offers agencies some tips on where to find the next Ben Walker and Matt Gooden:

- Recruit more Japanese people - their brains are wired in a different way. Left-hand side.

- Recruit from dole queues in Wales. They're under-represented in London agencies. All those mountains, the rain, the gloom, the clouds - there's a darkness and a different way of thinking they could benefit from tapping into. I think they're a creative nation.

- Try to recruit people over the age of 60. It's an untapped market. They could bring lots of worldly experience and warm emotions to a department.

- Agencies should bring back the teaboy/girl and give them six months' work experience. It would not only lift everyone's spirits but you would be able to spot the talented ones.

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