Diary: Cullingham's proteges ambush Cowell's BMG

Tony Cullingham, the advertising course director at West Herts College, may be demanding of his students, but he sure teaches them not to take anything lying down.

So when they poured all their efforts into creating 150 TV scripts for Simon Cowell's record company, Sony BMG, without so much as a thank you, they decided to make their voices heard.

Not only did they pen a song lamenting Sony BMG's failure to give them any feedback, they sang it outside its London headquarters and posted the result on YouTube under "Sony gets an earful".

And Sony BMG's reaction? "They took it incredibly seriously," Rory Robinson, one of the students, told Diary. "They invited us into the boardroom, agreed to look at all our scripts and give one of our teams a placement."

Robinson and Louise Dungate came up with the lyrics of the song - called Where's Our Feedback and sung to the tune of Hallelujah.