Diary: Cupid's arrow off target in TBWA's meeting room

Love was definitely in the air over at TBWA\London last week, especially among the account management team, Diary hears.

Embracing the romantic spirit in the lead up to Valentine's Day, an account director, Christiaan Lette, and the head of account management, Andy Cairns, were caught writing love letters to each other in a client meeting.

Last Thursday's meeting started innocently enough. The client had put together a reel of film clips, stills and quotations to explore intimacy to support a brief they were all working on.

But rather than watch the reel, Cairns instead had his head down, writing notes and doodling - obviously not the romantic type.

When one of the quotes struck a chord with Lette, he decided to write it down on a piece of paper and pass it to Cairns.

As you can imagine, the note, which read "Your smile makes me want to misbehave", came as quite a surprise to Cairns, who hadn't been paying attention to the reel.

Although flattered by Lette's seemingly amorous advances, Cairns flatly, but kindly, turned his colleague down. Lette was subsequently left red-faced, from hysterical laughter, as he explained the misunderstanding.