Diary: Cutbacks at MediaCom

Media planning and buying will never be the same again.

MediaCom has produced a nude calendar for 2010 (that runs until March 2011, such, it seems, was the clamour to strip) in aid of charity - and we have to warn you, it's an eye-popper.

The steamy contents will shock many, as those at MediaCom have never been ones to blow their own trumpets, let alone get them out. But we are seeing a new side (back and front) to this lot.

Claudine Collins has made many members of the press trade's fantasies come true by appearing in the buff, save for a pair of pink stilettos, while casually perusing a strategically placed copy of the Financial Times. We hope her bum's not too sore after sitting on what looks like a rather uncomfortable seat.

Meanwhile, a naked Jane Ratcliffe looks pleased with herself behind a very large umbrella - though minus a mack and wellies - as if expecting a heavy downpour at any moment.

The boys leave even less to the imagination. Starring in his very own spot-the-ball competition, the digital boss, Stefan Bardega, looks perfectly at ease doing kick-ups in only his socks and boots.

Elsewhere, Steve Bignell is seen washing his clothes - even the underwear he had on.