Diary: Damon Collins smashes his way out of Shoreditch

It looks as though the Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R chairman, Mark Roalfe, will need to tread a little bit more carefully now that Damon Collins has joined the ranks of the agency as its execuitve creative director.

The feisty creative is a bit of an expert when it comes to the ancient Japanese martial art of karate, a talent which Collins' former employers at Mother thought would be amusing to put to the test at his leaving do.

The creative's former workmates decided to round off his leaving celebrations with a surprise karate challenge. Unperturbed or perhaps motivated by the risk that the creative could cause some serious damage to the tools of his trade, they presented the poor, inebriated black belt with a pile of bricks that he had to "chop" his way through.

Yet, in spite of the sniggers of pity coming from onlookers who were expecting a broken finger or two, at the very least, Collins proceeded to smash his way through the entire block unharmed.

In honour of the jaw-dropping feat, the agency now proudly displays a signed portion of the brick wall that Collins demolished in the reception area of its Shoreditch headquarters.

Let's hope the creative teams at RKCR/Y&R have prepared for Collins' arrival with a spot of martial arts training of their own.