Diary: Dare management gets demoted for Nabs day

Too often, an agency's senior management are safely protected by endless top-level meetings, closed-door offices and a bulldog PA.

So Diary loves nothing more than to see these pampered executives be made to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

So hats off to the digital agency Dare for its latest brainwave: auctioning off its entire senior management team to the highest bidder.

Before headhunters whip out the credit card and start hitting the phones, it should be made clear that this event has already happened and was open only to Dare staff. Its aim? To raise money for Nabs.

It wasn't long before the creme de la creme of Dare's management squad found their job descriptions being hacked to pieces.

Mark Collier, the managing partner, was asked to set up a meeting room and serve refreshments (with one pundit offering £170 to see it).

Another bidder offered £116 to see Flo Heiss, Dare's creative partner, sit on reception and man the phones all day.

While Lee Wright, the managing director, secured £150 by offering to tidy the winner's desk and organise their drawers before taking them out to a slap-up dinner at Soho House.

By the end of the event, £1,400 was in the pot, the management team was in a pickle, and Nabs was better off.