Diary: Dare's Wright shows off angelic warbling skills

Looking at this picture, you could be forgiven for thinking that this cute little songstress would be a global singing sensation by now in the vein of Christina Aguilera, Charlotte Church or even, ahem, Britney Spears.

However, this is actually the early recording career of none other than Lee Wright, Dare's talented managing director.

Taken in 1979, the picture shows a recording session for an album called Take a Little Rhythm, by the Scottish one-hit wonder Ali Thompson. Wright brought her singing talent to two tracks.

However, for anyone who knows Wright, this precocious foray into the world of popular music will not come as any great surprise because her dad is also a musician.

PJ Wright is a 40-year veteran of the music scene and has recorded numerous albums, as well as playing a number of festivals. Including Glastonbury.