Diary: Daring stunt or stalking?

Now Diary has heard of some strange attempts by young creatives to get their foot in the door, but this example shows initiative (and a touch of stalking) above and beyond camping outside an office or staging a sit-in.

It involved a student from Watford called Sam (from the team Sam & Libbie) who took advantage of the candidness of Flo Heiss, Dare's creative director, in a presentation at the college.

After Heiss showed a class of creatives a video of his journey to work, Sam managed to identify the train station at which Heiss boarded the train and used this information to execute a prize example of arse-licking.

He pitched a "Dare pit stop" at the station complete with coffee, snacks and a selection of papers for Heiss to choose from.

While impressed by the endeavour, the Dare creative director takes no prisoners, and has indicated that he expects the same treatment every day if Sam wants a shot at a job.