Diary: Darkin's e-mail stunt was not the brightest

It takes a real masterstroke to piss off just about every heavy hitter in UK advertising in one go. So well done Christian Darkin on your remarkable achievement.

"I have no wish to bother you unnecessarily," Darkin, a freelance illustrator and animator, wrote in an e-mail to potential customers. Then he proceeded to do just that.

The 450 recipients of Darkin's round-robin reads like an adland Who's Who. John Hegarty, Trevor Beattie, Matthew Bull, Charles Inge and Jeremy Sinclair, to name but a few.

Alas, as one apoplectic recipient put it, Darkin "must have fallen asleep at the wheel with his finger on the 'send' button". At Barrett Cernis, the PA to Justin Cernis, the managing director, received almost 900 copies of Darkin's appeal in three days.

And she wasn't alone. As the exasperated hitlist asked Darkin to desist, some were hitting "reply to all" and simply adding to the deluge.

Cernis' verdict: "Either this bloke is very clever and has got his name being mentioned all around town or he has cocked up and needs to change his name pronto."