Diary: Dave's long Xmas lunch

Another man not afraid to pull off daring feats in the name of charity is Karmarama's Dave Buonaguidi.

The creative director wolfed down no fewer than 2,268 Brussels sprouts - which, we understand, he hates - for the agency's Sproutaid fundraising drive for The White Ribbon Alliance.

And after somehow managing to avoid being sick, Buonaguidi then dodged another bullet - narrowly escaping a fatal collision with a celebrity.

Coming to a stop at a set of traffic lights during his bike ride to work, a belligerent motorist in a pink Mini decided to change lanes, tooting at Buonaguidi to get out of the way while accelerating towards him. After allowing her to switch lanes, Buonaguidi could only look on as a lorry crashed into the driver's side, sending the wing mirror flying into his back.

Buonaguidi then handed her the severed car part, saying "here you are Trinny", to which the fashion guru apparently replied "fuck off" before screeching off in pursuit of the offending vehicle.