Diary: Davis' ten standards give Burnett sense of deja vu

The launch of JWT's new look, new philosophy and all-round revamp could hardly be met without a few sceptical responses from the cynics in adland, but Leo Burnett walks off with the prize for providing the most smug response of all.

"The announcement that JWT will develop a 'bold' internal system to measure its creative output, based on a one to ten scale, reminds not a few people of the Burnett system," an agency spokeswoman pompously remarks. "We're so effective and successful, another agency is now borrowing from us."

Indeed, it must be a big surprise that an agency would copy the revolutionary Burnett idea. After all, far from producing work to its number-ten standard (best in the world, bar none), Burnett created the legendary Campaign turkey ... that whale ad for Strongbow.

Undeterred by such facts, Leo Burnett is determined to show JWT how they think it should be done and is sending Craig Davis, the JWT worldwide chief creative officer who is spearheading the creative initiative, an invite to its own scorings meeting.

If Davis is smart, he'll take them up on their offer. It's sometimes good to have a laugh at someone else's expense.