Diary: Dawson's up the creek in terms of leaving bash

There are several ways to inform your boss you are leaving for pastures new that are guaranteed to create a stir, and we all know that there's not much that adland enjoys more than a touch of drama.

Letting him/her know by text-message or e-mail is an alternative for those not keen on confrontation. Or you could always wait to let him/her find out for themselves, although this is most likely to result in you being humiliatingly frogmarched from the building carrying your belongings in a box - even more high drama.

So, picture the scene down at TBWA\London the other week when the creative partner, Neil Dawson, handed in his notice. He chose to leave Trevor Beattie, the chairman and executive creative director - who was out of the country at the time - a voicemail to let him know he was joining Ogilvy & Mather's senior creative line-up.

Diary has since learnt that this, along with Campaign's story the following day, sparked a flurry of all-staff e-mail exchanges. Firstly, one purporting to be from Beattie and the chief executive, Andrew McGuinness. It apologised to staff for having to learn from Campaign that Dawson was off to run Ford at Ogilvy, and wishing him luck.

To which Dawson reportedly pointed out he wasn't going to work on Ford.

Beattie, meanwhile, felt the need to fire off an all-staffer to clarify the apology was not from him.