Diary: DDB do-gooders take on Paddington vandals

They're a charitable lot over at DDB London. The agency may have its hands full with the BA pitch, but it isn't ready to rest yet.

Last Friday, staff were led by their managing director, Jorian Murray, into the local community for a spot of "giving something back".

The residents of Paddington were confronted by a team of paint-brush-wielding creative types keen to add some colour and spread a bit of joy in the neighbourhood.

Not all the residents were impressed by DDB's clean-up job. The spray-can artists came out in force, reclaiming the walls as fast as the DDB lot could paint them.

Sensing they were fighting a losing battle, some of the senior management decided to call it a day. The executive creative director, Jeremy Craigen, and the chief strategic officer, David Hackworthy, sloped off to a friend's nearby flat where they could watch the job being finished, over a nice cold gin and tonic.

This desertion didn't go unnoticed and earned a spot of booing from those still working.