Diary: Could DDB be the star of BBC knife-crime drama?

The BBC's drama department has taken a keen interest in the machinations of DDB of late. Its researchers have been busy quizzing the agency's new-business account director, Louise Garner, on the joys of advertising for a new series.

Sadly, the Beeb is not making a British answer to Mad Men (what a good idea that would be), but a series on the not-so-glamorous topic of knife crime, with a storyline that somehow involves a female character in the ad world (thrown in, we presume, to make it more appealing to the cosy middle market).

Through their findings, the series writers learned a few unexpected home truths about advertising. The researchers naively assumed that after a pitch, agency folk have a formal debriefing session. But DDB quickly put them right, revealing they head straight to the pub for a major de-sobering session instead.

Diary is very intrigued to see how the worlds of knife crime and advertising collide. Sadly, we'll have to wait until next year to find out.