Diary: De Nardis loves to keep the family wine flowing

When adland execs are forced onto gardening leave, no-one really expects them to spend much time tending to the flora. Except if the exec in question is Mainardo de Nardis, the new global chief executive of OMD.

After he departed Aegis Media last year, the cultured Italian turned his attention to his family's wine concern back in Italy.

In the family for generations, the vineyard (which produces several varieties of wine) had built a strong reputation but wasn't quite performing in terms of sales. So step forward the resting media man to improve its fortunes and exercise his green fingers.

De Nardis was soon using his contacts in Asia and managed to secure a deal to sell one million bottles of the vineyard's plonk to the Chinese market.

OMD will be hoping that his Midas touch in Asia continues now that de Nardis is well and truly back in the media world.