Diary: A decade of adland's lookalikes

1. James Murphy and selected lookalikes (2005, 2007, 2008)

By 2020, Murphy will most probably be able to fill this line-up himself. In the past four years of this list, the Adam & Eve founder has appeared three times, and topped it twice. With that sort of chameleonic skill, he should probably be some sort of spy. Or maybe form an alien race. His first appearance was in 2005 next to Jay Joplin (top, centre). 2007 saw him alongside the Bo' Selecta! Bear (bottom, right), while, last year, he was likened to McCann Erickson's Chris Macdonald (top, right).

2. Robert Senior and an orang-utan (2007)

We at Campaign know that it can't be nice to be likened to an orang-utan (even if it is a cute baby one). However, we are not going to feel particularly guilty about this one since we were actually made aware of the resemblance by Senior's own staff at Fallon. The cheeky monkeys ...

3. Harry MacAuslan and Brains (2005)

If this list were a comparison of intellects, MacAuslan would probably feel quite good about making the list. But it's not. Instead, the Leo Burnett vice-chairman is being unfavourably compared with a string puppet who was probably mercilessly picked on by the rest of the Tracys.

4. Tamara Ingram and Selma Bouvier (2006)

It pains us to point this out, it really does, but Grey Global's executive managing director bears an uncanny resemblance to Marge Simpson's sister. Wild hair? Tick. Fag permanently clamped between lips? Check (well, at times of stress). Thankfully, the similarity is purely a physical one. Ingram is famously friendly and displays none of the sociopathic tendencies of her cartoon doppelganger.

5. John Hegarty and Don Imus (2008)

The flowing locks, that way of looking at you from under a slightly lowered brow - more than a lookalike, it's a pair of twins separated at birth. The US DJ Imus and Hegarty could quite easily live each other's lives, like the plot of some cheesy 80s film.

6. Mark Cridge and Macaulay Culkin (2007)

The uncanny resemblance here must surely guarantee Cridge peace of mind at night knowing his house is not going to get broken into - you'd have to be crazy to even try to set foot in there. No doubt as a child, Cridge was jealous of his doppelganger's money, but sadly for the former child star, it's probably the other way around now.

7. Phil Nunn and Peter Griffin (2009)

Diary hopes for the sake of Nunn's colleagues at TBWA that his resemblance to Family Guy's answer to Homer Simpson is only skin-deep, as spending all day, every day with a mentally deficient, heavy drinking, misogynistic chicken-beater may not be everyone's cup of tea.

8. Steve Aldridge and Chewbacca (2008)

Unfortunately for the poor Partners Andrews Aldridge man, he picked up 2008's lookalike booby prize by being likened to an aesthetically challenged, whining ball of fur. But, hey, at least Star Wars' beloved "walking carpet" is one of the coolest fictional characters ever created.

9. Nick Hurrell and Postman Pat (2006)

It's not just physiological - look at the supporting evidence. Both rise early in the morning (when the day is dawning); both are cheery in their delivery of messages; and both are well known for their devotion to bright red transport, although Hurrell is likely to beat Pat in a race - the former's wheels carry a Ferrari badge, earning him the nickname Postman Patek Philippe by his waggish former colleagues at M&C Saatchi.

10. Tony Quinn and Chris Evans (2009)

By his own admission, Quinn regularly gets stopped by tourists in Knightsbridge asking if he's the loud-mouth DJ and if he'll sign an autograph, so surely he can't be surprised to have turned up in this list. In fact, the bigger surprise is that it took until 2009 for it to happen.

You won't catch us saying that JWT's head of planning has a great face for radio, though.