Diary: Dee is not amused by Big's lack of formality

Just as well that Diary put on its best bib and tucker for Campaign's inaugural Big Awards at Grosvenor House. Otherwise we might have got a right old dressing down from Jack Dee.

The new face of Northern Rock - or so he would have had us believe - was none too impressed with some of the dressed-down diners. Having already apologised for his lack of bow tie and cummerbund, Dee couldn't contain himself at the attire of one of the Fallon creatives behind the agency's award-winning Skoda commercial.

Luckily, the Shaolin Monks, who provided the evening's entertainment, had already left the stage or Dee might have found another use for their gleaming swords.

Strangely enough, most of those who had agreed to be filmed for Campaign were less keen after the meal. We can only assume that the liverish morning-after state of the hard-core partygoers, including Trevor Beattie and AMV's Ian Pearman, who staggered off the dance floor late on, might be a clue.

To view pictures from the night, visit brandrepublic.com/campaign.