DIARY: Demographics: it is a black and white issue

Campaign has received news of a new title launching in the highbrow North London borough of St John's Wood.

The subsidiary of the Ham & High, set to launch in January, is sending out a media pack flagging up the benefit of advertising in the nattily titled St John's Wood & Maida Vale Express.

However, the pack's marketing information copy has managed to hit an incredibly politically incorrect note. It details the various demographics of the area, telling interested parties: "244,600 people live there", and "116,744 are UK citizens on electoral register". However, it goes on to state: "65 per cent of residents are white."

Er, surely this is a completely unnecessary fact to point out? A blustering spokesman said: "The Ham & High series represents the whole of the community.

The figure was part of general market research. We decided it was not relevant and it had already been removed from the vast majority of media packs." But, it would appear, not quite all of them, unfortunately.