Diary: Desire for lunch almost sends adlanders to jail

It's well known that big sporting events draw adlanders like sugar attracts ants, and last week's Uefa Champions League final was certainly no exception.

Thanks to Steve Parish at Tag, a group of the industry's finest, including Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R's James Murphy and David Golding, and The Red Brick Road's Paul Hammersley, jetted away to Athens to watch AC Milan beat Liverpool.

But the action at the match was not the most dramatic part of the trip. Once they had arrived on the Tuesday afternoon, the gang, who looked about as much like football hooligans as a coach full of nuns, jumped aboard a waiting minibus and were intermittently followed by the over-zealous Greek police, who tailed them, with car lights flashing to the city centre.

The police then hit the adlanders where it hurts, by barring them from stopping for lunch and forcing them to continue to their hotel.

Escaping unharmed, most of the group recovered to enjoy a few hours scoffing lunch on a yacht. All except Golding that is... While his compatriots sat on deck enjoying food and Champagne, the conscientious planner stayed below deck all day writing presentations.

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