Diary: Desmond forces hacks to scout around for new TV

Word reaches us from the Daily Star newsdesk that its notoriously thrifty owner, Richard Desmond, is watching the pennies more than ever.

The Star's enterprising news team recently secured a fancy Sony Bravia TV from the kind people at the electronics company and were enjoying their daily dose of Jeremy Kyle in high definition. That is until Desmond got wind of the TV's arrival and decided to have it for his own use.

Star staffers looked on in bemused fashion as Desmond's driver arrived in the office and promptly took down the TV from the wall.

Apparently one of the TVs in Northern & Shell's reception area had broken and Desmond was keen to secure the one from the Star's offices as a replacement, saving the billionaire tycoon a few quid on buying a new set.

While the Star's news desk starts looking for a new TV, we can't help thinking that this story goes to illustrate how very rich men become so very rich.