Diary: Dickie Beasley provides ad insights in Viz return

The trouble with reading magazines such as Campaign is that you begin to believe the ad industry to be populated by celebrities.

It might seem like the whole world is eagerly awaiting the latest exploits of Messrs Lace, Hornby and Wnek, but the reality is that, outside of Charlotte Street, these guys couldn't get arrested.

Have you ever seen Stef Calcraft on Parkinson? No. Will Peter Souter feature in the next Celebrity Come Dancing? Of course not. Sometimes, it's good to learn how the rest of the world views the industry and to that end, Dennis Publishing is re-introducing Dickie Beasley to Viz.

For those of you who don't know, Dickie is a boy with only one ambition - to become an account executive at a top London ad agency. Young Dickie, whose vocabulary is littered with phrases such as "brand tent", sports red braces and a pair of red glasses, reminiscent of a certain Saatchi brother.

Future characters in the strip include Dickie's reclusive brother Charlie and his tightly wound butler, Martin.

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