Diary: Dirty dancing makes Bardell talk of the town

The back streets of Soho are twittering with the latest exploits to come out of Isobel, the venture launched by the former FCB London management team.

And what is it that has got everyone talking? Enter Peter Bardell, formerly an account man at Heresy and now newly appointed by Isobel to a similar role. For Bardell joins the Cavendish Street agency with a colourful past ...

Earlier in the year, Bardell was caught on camera with none other than the Portuguese transsexual Big Brother winner, Nadia. Remember the one?

Apparently, Bardell was engaged in nothing but an innocent dance, but he chose the wrong lady to tango with. Not shy of a little shameless publicity (and, conveniently, also needing to promote her new single, A Little Bit of Action), Nadia's PR agency made quite sure the pictures fell into the hands of the tabloids and a national radio station.

After his friends and family were staked out by hoards of photographers, Bardell found himself not only splashed all over the front cover of Heat, but the rag also dedicated a full-colour, double-page spread to his shenanigans with Nadia.

Diary has it on good authority that Bardell doesn't usually go for transsexuals and is sticking to girls who go by the name of Isobel.

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