Diary: Divan brings the diva out of Grace Jones

The problem with putting on a huge party with an A-list diva as the special guest is that divas are unreliable. That, after all, is why they are divas.

But even TBWA's Stream, Tequila and Agency.com must have been taken aback when, having booked Grace Jones for a party, the former Bond girl pulled out at the last minute after the sofa in her hotel room wasn't in the correct place. Seriously.

Jones, who turns 60 later this month, proved that once a diva, always a diva, also requesting that her fee be paid in cash. Presumably, she expected somebody to pop down to the cashpoint and withdraw £20,000.

Guests at the red-carpet shindig thought they were attending the launch party of a new TV series called Scarlet, but it turned out that the campaign promoting it was, in fact, designed to back LG's latest "Scarlet" television.

Jones' absence in London was sorely felt. A similar Scarlet party in Los Angeles last week managed to attract such glamorous A-listers as Paris Hilton, Kelly Brook and Lindsay Lohan. The biggest names in attendance at the UK bash included members of The Feeling, Sophie Ellis Bextor and a handful of the cast of Hollyoaks.