Diary: DLKW experiences that hot burning sensation

It's a pitch nightmare that every agency must have faced at one time or another. You've been preparing for weeks so everything goes like clockwork, you've welcomed the potential clients to the agency with a smile and settled them down in a meeting room with a nice cup of coffee... and then the fire alarm goes off.

It's the horrible scenario that Delaney Lund Knox Warren was faced with recently during its pitch for Warburtons.

Mildly frustrating for the agency, yes, as it interrupted one of the biggest pitches this year and the last thing you want is a group of marketing directors standing in the cold while the building is cleared - but at least the cause of the fire alarm must have raised a smile.

In an effort to prove DLKW's love for the brand, hundreds of loaves of Warburtons had been brought in before the pitch, and staff at the agency were encouraged to eat as much as they could.

And, yes, you guessed it, one employee, who you hope won't be allowed anywhere near the kitchen again, managed to burn his toast.

Naturally, DLKW blamed it on Hovis...