Diary: DM agency forgets the cost of sending a letter

They send out millions of mailers a year, so if there's one thing a direct marketing agency should be able to get right, it's sending out its Christmas cards.

Unfortunately, Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw, an agency often hailed as one of the best DM shops around, pulled a real cracker when posting its festive greetings.

It would be no great shame if a few agencies failed to receive their Christmas salutations. After all, most agencies are inundated with gimmicky cards from well-wishers.

But not only did Kitcatt's cards turn up three weeks late, but the DM shop had also underpaid the postage. When the weighty "flick book" Christmas cards were delivered on 8 January, some unsuspecting receptionists were told to cough up a £1.08 surcharge on the mail.

They obligingly delved into their pockets (it could have been a late delivery of festive chocolates), only to discover it was a Christmas card.

Needless to say, the recipients of Kitcatt's cards were none-to pleased, although the chances are it didn't get lobbed straight in the bin, so, in direct marketing terms, Diary suspects that Kitcatt would deem this a success.