Diary: Does Fallon owe a debt to LA for bunnies in NYC?

Great artists who draw inspiration from a range of influences should never expect universal praise.

Fallon's new Sony Bravia spot "Play-Doh" has barely been on air five minutes, but is already attracting a mix of applause and fury.

Why? Because of the Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife team of artists kozyndan, known in creative circles for their prints of New York City. Their limited editions include pictures of Manhattan being invaded by rabbits.

Kozyndan say they were approached by a Passion Pictures scout two years ago, and sent samples of their work to the animation company behind the ad. It has led to a polarising of comments on blog sites. These include (about Juan Cabral): "He's a magpie. A brilliant, talented magpie who makes the rest of us look average at best."

"If the ad wasn't great as it is, the 'original' wave creators wouldn't even talk about it."

"The work put into it is extraordinary. If it wasn't for Sony, this video wouldn't exist to be enjoyed. So ... what's the problem?"

A Passion Pictures spokesman described the situation as an "unlucky coincidence" adding that although it had contacted kozyndan over two years ago, those images had not been seen. Fallon added that different creative variations were considered and the coincidence was "startling but genuine".