Diary: What does your office say about you?

For many creatives, a peek inside their office (that hallowed ground where they think up clever ideas and stuff) can be like taking a peek inside their head.

Whatever they decorate their inner sanctum with can sometimes be window into their psyche.

Perhaps you'll find a wide and varied collection of knick-knacks and googarrs.

Take Graham Fink's office at M&C Saatchi, for example, where you'll find a WWF heavyweight championship belt or Nick Gill's domain with its homage to punk: an entire wall of seminal album covers from the genre.

Then there's Jonathan Burley's office at Leo Burnett. Approach with caution. Already the owner of a wickedly dark sense of humour, Burley's choice of wallpaper would appear to be the sign of a psychopathic bent.

Yet, if we tell you it's white with green flock patterns it doesn't sound too menacing, does it?

But take a closer look. Those green flock patterns are actually darkly twisted scenes of metropolitan fear and danger. One is a charming depiction of some youths mugging some defenceless victim. Another shows a tramp fast asleep on a bench.

Adding to the overall feeling of dark despair is a well-placed golden picture frame with no picture in it, just placed over one of the patterns.

Diary would now like to know if there are any other weirdly revealing creative offices out there, and what they say about their owners.