Diary: Does Rory's neckwear usher in new frivolity?

Just in case you're the last person left in adland who isn't working every hour that God sends while wondering if you'll still have a job this time next year, Diary would like to introduce you to the industry's latest test of intellect and brainpower.

Guess the colour of Rory Sutherland's neckwear.

No, this isn't a belated April Fool's spoof, just a wheeze from the IPA by way of introducing its flamboyant new president.

Unlike the incumbent, Moray MacLennan, who ushered in a whole new style of doing things by delivering his inaugural address tie-less, Sutherland is famous for his bows and cravats.

Now you could argue that when he gets to his feet at the IPA Members' lunch on 22 May to set out his agenda for helping the industry survive the worst recession in living memory, his neckwear may be of little consequence.

Not at the IPA, however, which seems to be mistaking its beleaguered members for those who actually give a toss.

In case you do, just e-mail Danielle@ipa.co.uk by 15 April. If you're the first person to guess correctly, a bottle of Champagne and a piece of neckwear of your choosing is yours. You also get to enter a draw for a free lunch ticket.

Unless, of course, you've anything better to do.