Diary: Dog convinces Austrian giantess to take A&E job

The founders of Adam & Eve learned a valuable lesson last week - that running an agency can be a bit of a dog's life.

When looking to hire a creative named Nicci Hoffer, a six-foot Austrian art director, it became apparent that Wieden & Kennedy was also sniffing around. In order to take the lead in the race for Hoffer's signature, A&E offered her a present to sweeten the deal.

She decided she wanted a French bulldog that she could bring into the office. So, after a week of house training, there is a now a resident ball of fur in the A&E offices.

As is evident, the little fella, who is called Freddie, has been hitting the trendy shops in Soho and Covent Garden to pick up some snazzy clothes.

It is as yet unknown whether he is drawing a salary or working on briefs.